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12 Chairs

Everything will be okay

A campaign, designed based on the restaurant’s dynamic branding. Using positive graphic message through stickers, along with chalkboard art, served as a visual focal point to disseminate this uplifting message during the pandemic. Ensuring its broader reach and impact.


The chalkboard art, prominently displayed at 12 Chairs restaurant, was initially used to kindle hope with the “everything will be okay” message during the pandemic, later evolved to “everything is okay”.

It continues to serve as a focal point and became viral and the restaurant’s Instagram moment, consistently spreading love and uniting the community.

12 Chairs


Logo Mark and Merchandise Design for

12 Chairs Cafe Restaurant.

Harnessing the brand’s visual identity to create a collection of merchandise that exudes simplicity, approachability, and echoes the core values: uplifting, friendly, and approachable.

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